CIPSM established full professors

Prof. Dr. Barbara Conradt, full professor for cell and developmental biology

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Gaul, full professor for biochemistry

Prof. Dr. Thomas Misgeld, full professor for neurosciences

Prof. Dr. Christian Ochsenfeld, full professor for theoretical chemistry (50% CIPSM & 50% SFB749)

Prof. Dr. Dirk Trauner, full professor for organic chemistry


CIPSM established associated and tenure track professors

Prof. Dr. Iris Antes, professor for computational biology

Prof. Dr. Christian Becker, professor for protein chemistry (now at University of Vienna)

Prof. Dr. Hendrik Dietz, professor for biomolecular nanotechnology

Prof. Dr. Tobias A.M. Gulder, professor for biosystem chemistry

Prof. Dr. Aymelt Itzen, junior group for protein chemistry

Prof. Dr. Jens Michaelis, professor for biophysics (now at University of Ulm)

Prof. Dr. Ute Vothknecht, professor for molecular cell architecture and trafficking


CIPSM supported groups

Prof. Dr. Thorsten Berg, junior group for chemical biology (now at University of Leipzig)

Prof. Dr. Nediljko Budisa, professor for protein engineering (now at TU Berlin)

Dr. Henry Dube, junior group for functional supramolecular systems

Dr. Sandra Hake, junior group for Chromatin structure and function

Prof. Dr. Anja Hoffmann-Röder, professor for organic chemistry

Prof. Dr. Aphrodite Kapurniotu, professor for peptide biochemistry

Dr. Oliver Lange, junior group for computational structural biology

PD Dr. Stylianos Michalakis, junior group for retinal gene therapy

Dr. Zeynep Ökten, junior group for dissecting intracellular transport

Dr. Klaus Richter, research group for molecular chaperones

Prof. Dr. Thomas Scheibel, junior group for biomaterials (now at University of Bayreuth)

Prof. Dr. Gunnar Schotta, professor for biochemistry

Dr. Sabine Schneider, junior group for structure-function relationships of RNA and binding proteins

Prof. Dr. Stephan Sieber, professor for chemical biology and organic chemistry

Dr. Zuzana Storchova, junior group for maintenance of genome stability

Prof. Dr. Christian Wahl-Schott, junior group for pharmacology

Prof. Dr. Birgit Weber, junior group for molecular magnetism (now at University of Bayreuth)

Dr. Daniel Wilson, junior group for regulation of gene expression


CIPSM next generation

Over the last 10 years CIPSM has established leading technology platforms such as high end NMR, MS-based proteomics and structural biology facilities as well as laboratories for routine overexpression of proteins under aerobic and unaerobic condition.

These facilities are now made available to a selected number of junior group leaders that are not official associate or principle investigators of the CIPSM excellence cluster. In addition these groups will be financially supported if funds are available on an individual basis. We are glad that CIPSM is in this way able to broadly reach out to the next generation of protein chemical biologist in the greater Munich area.

Prof. Dr. Matthias Feige

Dr. Tanja Gulder

Prof. Franz Hagn

Dr. Stefanie Kellner

Prof. Kathrin Lang

Dr. Tobias Madl

Dr. Thomas Magauer

Prof. Kai Papenfort

Dr. Esther Zanin




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