Existing promotion of junior research groups

This research area includes three independent junior groups, which hold different types of positions. Katja Sträßer has been an independent group leader at the Gene Center since 2003. The Sträßer group currently obtains lab and office space, two PhD positions and one technician position, and access to infrastructure from the Gene Center. Dierk Niessing has been a junior group leader at the Gene Center of the LMU since 2005. This group was established in a joint effort of the Helmholtz association, the GSF, and the Gene Center as a Helmholtz Young Investigator Group (tenure-track). The GSF is employer of the team leader and of three PhD students, and provides administrative assistance. The Gene Center provides the position of a technician, laboratory space, crystallographic equipment, and general infrastructure. Klaus Foerstemann has received the offer to become a tenure-track W2 Professor at the Gene Center and plans to establish his group in late summer 2006. The tenure-track Professorship comes with 2 PhD student positions, one technician, lab and office space. The position can get tenured after a positive international evaluation of the success in research, teaching, and in obtaining extramural funding after 3–7 years.

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