Conformational Selection in Substrate Recognition by Hsp70 Chaperones

Journal of Molecular Biology, 2013,, Volume 425, Issue 3, Pages 466–474 published on 08.02.2013

Journal of Molecular Biology, online article

Hsp70s are molecular chaperones involved in the folding and assembly of proteins. They recognize hydrophobic amino acid stretches in their substrate binding groove. However, a detailed understanding of substrate specificity is still missing. Here, we use the endoplasmic reticulum-resident Hsp70 BiP to identify binding sites in a natural client protein. Two sites are mutually recognized and form stable Hsp70–substrate complexes. In silico and in vitro analyses revealed an extended substrate conformation as a crucial factor for interaction and show an unexpected plasticity of the substrate binding groove. The basic binding mechanism is conserved among different Hsp70s.  

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