Research Area F - Publications 2008

JBC, 2008, 283 no.50, 34677-86 published on 12.12.2008
JBC, online article

y-Secretase is an intramembrane cleaving aspartyl protease complex intimately implicated in Alzheimer disease pathogenesis. The protease is composed of the catalytic subunit presenilin (PS1 or PS2), the substrate receptor nicastrin (NCT), and two additional subunits, APH-1 (APH-1a, as long and short splice forms (APH-1aL, APH-1aS), or APH-1b) and PEN-2. Apart ...


Brain Research Bulletin, 2008, 75, 266-273 published on 20.11.2008
Brain Research Bulletin, online article


The maintenance of progenitor cells is a crucial aspect of central nervous system development and maturation, and bHLH transcription factors of the E(Spl) subfamily are involved in this process in all vertebrates studied to date. In the zebrafish embryonic neural plate, a large number of E(Spl) genes (her genes) are at play.We review recent data on this point, ...